Monday, November 21, 2011

Fairway-shoppers' kashrut alert: Parve becomes dairy

Since we were cleaning out Fairway yesterday, we thought we'd be nice and buy an extra box of kosher-pareve chocolate-covered almonds for our fellow and sister Israeli folk dancers. Imagine my dismay when one of the dancers pointed out that the hechsher on the almonds specified OK D(airy), not pareve, even though I distinctly remembered that I'd been buying those nuts because they were pareve. Was my memory really that far gone?

The good news is that, when we got home, I checked our remaining box of Fairway-brand chocolate-covered almonds, and they were, in fact, labeled pareve. The bad news is that both boxes of almonds that we bought last night are labeled dairy. I strongly advise those of my readers who shop at (any branch of) Fairway to check the labels on their Fairway-brand snack and/or dessert items to ensure that what they think is pareve is, in fact, still pareve!


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